The world is ready for the next killer app powered by Blockchain technology, but it can’t happen without a company and a plan to make it grow.

We bring together the best minds of every industry to tackle this very problem from diverse communities and diverse skill sets - be that in Business, Research, Law, Coding and Design.

We are looking for problem solvers – to bring us the future, the Next Big Thing.


One important thing for all teams to do today before 6pm, is to follow this link ( to the Google form that will sign you up for the challenge(s) that you wish to compete in. NOTE: Only one member from each team needs to fill out this form, but if you are competing in 2 challenges, then you will need to fill this form out twice; once for each challenge.

Hacking ends at 10:45 am Sunday morning
All presentations must be submitted here at that time!

If you have a live demo, you will be able to present that using your own computer, but any slides/other materials MUST be stored and handed in on USB!

There will be 3 rooms set aside for judging, one for each sponsor.

**Therefore if your team would like to participate in more than one challenge, you will have to split your resources to make multiple projects as well as presentations. NOTE: we will not be making any special scheduling adjustments so that your team can present for more than one challenge, and teams are prohibited from participating in more than 2 challenges.**

Here’s how judging will work:
1. At 11:00am your team will report to the room set aside for the judging of your chosen challenge (Again! if you are competing in multiple challenges, you will need to send a representative to the appropriate room with EVERYTHING they will need to present.)
2. We will begin running through the presentations and be strict on the following parameters:
1. 4 minutes to present
2. 2 minutes for Q&A
3. Judges will then deliberate and determine a winner for the Bunz and Ucash challenges (winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at the end of the day). Judges will also choose the 5 finalists for the 2 TODA challenges. These finalists will be not be informed immediately, but rather they will be called upon just moments before they will be required to give a second more thorough presentation. (So be ready!!)
5. At 1 pm we will reconvene in the main Sandbox area and begin the Finalist presentations. These presentations will be twice as long, and must adhere to the following parameters:
1. 8 minutes to present
2. 4 minutes for Q&A
6. After all presentations have been completed, the judges will deliberate, and determine the grand prize winners.
7. Awards Ceremony!!!!

You will also find attached a copy of the rubric that will be given to each judge as their note sheet during judging. This will give you an idea of the criteria you will be judged on.

Hackathon Sponsors


$13,500 in prizes

Guaranteed interview with DMZ (4)

3,000 CAD / Crypto provided by TODA (to top 2 teams each) (2)

Present to industry pros Crypto Camp at Deloitte (4)

3m UCash

150,000 BTZ provided by BUNZ (to top 2 teams each) (2)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Edward Buchi

Edward Buchi
Bitcoin Bay

Dann Toliver

Dann Toliver

Jerry Qian

Jerry Qian
Bitcoin Bay

Alexander Lansky

Alexander Lansky

Shane Flynn

Shane Flynn
DMZ Programs Lead

Judging Criteria

  • Found on site
    All information will be provided from the Bitcoin Bay team.

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